There’s nothing like wandering a city you’ve lived in for years and finding places you’ve never explored before. Sure, you may walk by them everyday on your head down, face in phone walk to work. But have you really stopped to notice the walls, the signs, the lights, the architecture, the people dwelling in the shadows? That’s exactly what I’ve been up to lately and it’s opened my eyes to a brand new city. A city beyond the sky line and the landmarks known by many. Instead, I now live in a city of intersections, street art, nooks and crannies filled with stories and personality. A city with life and music and adventure. A city that takes me on a trip.


Shorts: J.Crew, Shirt: Free People, Hat: Free People, Sunglasses: unknown, Necklace: Morocco, Boots: Faryl Robin

Photography by Britt

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2 thoughts on “URBAN SAFARI

  1. Love these photos! Let’s explore BOS together soon 😉 Also, those sunnies + dem boots = amazing.


    • YASSS – so much exploration to do 😀 Thanks lady!

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