It’s Halloween this weekend! As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with dressing up. Perhaps this stems from my earlier years of dancing in which I got to dress up as a reindeer in The Nutcracker. Something about that bright red lipstick and rosy cheeks got me all jacked up and I’ve been in love with costumes ever since. 

Although my affinity for elaborate get-ups hasn’t diminished, my time to craft them has. Luckily, the older I get, the more acceptable it is to just throw something on in your closet and paint your face or style your hair differently. Time is most certainly a factor in choosing a Halloween costume as jobs and other life commitments take precedence over outfit planning. However, in my opinion, as long as you give it the ol’ college try (and let me tell you, I got after the mixer game in college), you’re good to go. 

This year, I teamed up with Samantha of Fenway Fashionista and Annie of The Fashion Sauce to bring you a chic, easy way to participate in the All Hallows Eve activities. All of our outfits were assembled from items that we already owned and were planning in less than 2 hours. Dressing up as bad ass witches with your girl squad? Sounds like exactly what I want to be doing on Halloween. 

Dress: Free People, Cape: Forever 21, Shoes: c/o Faryl Robin, Necklace: c/o Free People, Sunglasses: Space Ninety 8, Hat: Free People

Photography by @jacquelinemdn


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