First things first, Women’s iLab (or Women’s Innovation Lab) is a platform for professionals to share their ideas, create and establish their brand, and support one another in pursuing their ambitions. Co-Founders Tara Chang and Katrina Melesciuc founded the organization when they saw a need for a central place for women to share their work and ideas about innovation. In other words, not only is Women’s iLab all about empowering women (and men!) to become strong leaders in their field, but the mission is right in line with that of Mass Musings. Fostering creativity and the go-getter spirit? Sign me up!

A couple weeks ago, I caught up with co-founder Katrina to pick her brain about her part in the Women’s iLab and how she and Tara got to where they are today.

MM: How has the creation of Women’s iLab changed your professional career? Have you noticed any doors open or opportunities arise that would have been harder to imagine without iLab?

KM: With Women’s iLab we have had the incredible opportunity to meet and learn from so many impressive people within the community. It is amazing to see such tremendous support for Women’s iLab from both men and women across each and every industry!

What is your daily routine like? Walk me through a typical day in the life…

6:30 AM Alarm goes off, hit snooze 10 times.

6:55 AM Finally wake up, check instagram (shameful, but true), brush teeth, throw on running sneakers and roll out the door (usually half asleep).

7:00 AM – 7:45 AM Finally begin to wake up with morning run through Charlestown and the North End. Mentally prepare for the craziness to come in the day ahead.

7:45 AM -8:30 AM Get back home from my run, throw on the jambox, bump my favorite tunes (typically Fleetwood Mac or Alabama Shakes Pandora), jump in the shower and get rolling out the door for the office.

8:30 AM Catch up on the Daily Skimm, I could not live without it!

9 AM Arrive at the Visible Measures office, an advertising technology startup company in downtown Boston. COFFEE.

9 AM -6 PM There is no such thing as a “typical day” at Visible Measures. Working in a startup environment, I am constantly on my toes which is what I love most about it! I work with brands and advertising agencies to develop and distribute branded video campaigns across the web and educate brand marketers globally on the new digital trends in advertising. I love my job because it requires lots of research, analytics, and strategy but at the same time is challenging and allows me to fuel my creative juices!

7 PM Dinner time: If I’m lucky I find the time to cook my favorite dish, parmasean crusted eggplant, and watch the sunset on the roof deck with a glass of red wine.  Catch up with friends and family.

8 PM-11PM  WiLab workday begins: Catch up on the daily breaking news as it relates to innovation across all industries and get articles ready for tomorrow to go live on the site. Respond to emails, send intern assignments, catch up on my favorite sites and blogs (like Mass Musings), read about what’s going on in the industry and learn new ways to grow our content and audience!

11 PM A little reading before bedtime (if I’m lucky).  Currently addicted to Gone Girl!

Midnight -6:30 AM Toss and turn through the noise of my favorite italianos in the North End, never ending trash trucks and flocks of seagulls.  And the fun begins again!!

Would you rather make one new law or get ride of one standing law? If you say new: What would you create? If you say standing: Which law would you get rid of? 

If I had to get rid of one law it would be the ban on happy hour specials.  If I had to create a law it would be mid-day siesta!

What has been your favorite moment with Women’s iLab to date?

My favorite moment with Women’s iLab to date has been seeing first hand the amazing support system that our community provides for one another.  Having grown up in a family full of truly inspiring women and developed a circle of unbreakable girlfriends from childhood, high school, my college sorority, and in the Boston community, I always had an idea of the power of women to come together and support one another and put quite frankly “get shit done”.” It is through Women’s iLab even more recently that I have seen women AND men, be they CEOs, investors, young professionals or thriving students, come together to improve lives, companies, and communities and help change the world as we know it for the better. These men and women are completely selfless and truly believe in and support one another to realize these dreams.  Women’s iLab would never be where we are just two months out from our launch if it wasn’t for our network and circles.

 To make things even sweeter, I have been given the honor of a feature on the Women’s iLab site! A huge thank you to these two inspiring women for involving me! If you want to become involved, follow along on social media through the links below and sign up!

Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

*all photos from Women’s iLab social media pages

17 thoughts on “WOMEN’S ILAB

  1. Disturbing…that they got rid of happy hour specials. Thankfully, not here in Charleston SC yet. Impressive schedule…………..

  2. Sounds like a great organisation, and if you can get support from your peers its always invaluable.
    Sounds like your energy level is v. high. Hope Women’s iLab is contributing to that.

  3. I’ve enjoyed more than one happy hour in my time so I’ve got mixed feelings about that. But Siesta’s, I’m all for that!

  4. Interesting but what high energy. But when I was reading this, the one thought that popped into my head was here are all these people supporting each other to succeed and in other parts of the world they’re working to increase hate. I like the iLab way better. Success to them and you.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment! I could not agree more – there is not enough focus on the positive things in this world and it makes me happy when people recognize the good instead of zeroing in on evil. Thanks for reading!

  5. Tim

    I do not envy you that schedule; and no happy hour as an escape and only an hour for dinner, wine, friends, and family!

  6. janice

    great post

  7. Ashley Bree Perez

    Great blogpost! 🙂

  8. Hi Katye. Stopping by from Bloggers Helping Bloggers. With Boston being a hub for creativity, it’s exciting to look out for who’s making a splash on the innovation scene Thanks so much for bringing Women’s iLab to my attention! I attended Simmons College and strongly identify with the importance of having a space for women to exchange ideas and build meaningful connections.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad that you agree – it really is important and it makes me happy that women are making a mark in various industries.

  9. A oretty full day. I admire her commitment and energy. But I also wonder how long you can keep that up and what you might be missing.

    • If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pandrer!

  10. Women’s iLab Great idea indeed.
    I am happy for you to learn a lot from hard working ladies. This is a good platform for many to come and express their ideas and help others to develop their skills.
    I am happy that these are working to make women strong I hope some day someone will come forward and do same for women in my part. In Kashmir …. n will empower women.
    You are really on high energy level all the best.

  11. Marissa

    Love this kind of organization! We need more like these in this world!

  12. It sounds like a great support system that I would have loved much earlier in my life. I’m enjoying a less hectic pace now but enjoyed hearing about it.

  13. Alina

    Love the support system!

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