I don’t know about you, but I basically live in my yoga wear.  While I love a great pair of black leggings, I’m always on the lookout for stylish and sustainable items to add to my wardrobe.  For me, it is important that pieces be well-made, versatile, and blend seamlessly into my life, both on and off the mat.

Enter Satva Living, makers of eco-chic apparel for the yoga loving lady.  All of their products are made from oh-so-soft organic cotton.  From strappy-back tanks, to bright patterned leggings, Satva Living’s new Summer line is available at Whole Foods nationwide. Get this – a portion of all proceeds from Satva Living are invested back into the local communities and agricultural initiatives in India, where the cotton is grown and harvested. Knowing that my clothes were crafted through environmentally and socially responsible production makes me feel really good.  As a recovering fast-fashion consumer, I’m learning to shop smarter, and support brands committed to providing quality pieces in a sustainable way.

When Satva Living offered me the opportunity to get sweaty in their gear – I happily obliged.  While I’m no fashion blogger (and certainly not a model), I have developed my own sense of style that works for me.  I wanted to show you how Satva Living’s Summer line can be styled effortlessly, whether you’re on your way to the yoga studio, grabbing a coffee after class, or hitting the mat at home.


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I put the Tula Drape Back Tank to work on my mat, and sailed through Sun Salutations.  The drape back showed off my strappy sports bra, and looked graceful as I opened my heart into backbends. The longer hem was just right, making me feel comfortable and covered.  I didn’t have to tug at my shirt while practicing, which was wonderful.  If you’re an inversion junkie, I suggest pairing the tank with some high waisted leggings, as the tank will ride up a little due to it’s looser fit.  Hot yoga more your style?  The Tula Tank is super lightweight and breathable, but you might want to wear a moisture wicking sports bra or cami underneath to keep you dry!

Tank: c/o Satva Living, Sports bra: Lululemon (similar) Leggings: Lululemon (similar), Cardigan: H&M, Mala: Tiny Devotions


download (5)

download (6)

download (7)

download (8)

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Need a more polished look for your commute to the studio? No problem.  When choosing items to wear to and from the studio, I tend to favor stylish, light layers, that are simple to put on and take off.  The Tula Tank moves easily from activewear to an everyday essential.  Paired with the bold Riva Wrap Skirt, a cute cardigan and some slip-on espadrilles – grab your mat and you’re good to go!  Pull on your leggings when you get to the studio and jump right back into your chaturanga without missing a breath. 

Skirt: c/o Satva Living, Tank: c/o Satva Living, Cardigan: Madewell, Shoes: TOM’S, Yoga Mat: Manduka, Water bottle: bkr, Mala: Tiny Devotions Sunnies: A.J. Morgan

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