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Your Guide To Sonic Bloom 2019

It’s that time of year again people, Sonic Bloom is a week away and if you know the Colorado festival scene you know Bloom is not a festival you want to miss. Bloom has something for everyone’s electronic music preference, more workshops then I have seen at any festivals and one of the nicest crowds I’ve ever encountered. This year will be my fourth year working Bloom and I would like to say I have my routine down. So for this post I would like to share with you the sets and workshops you cannot miss, and a few tips to having a smooth time at Bloom!



Sets That Are Guaranteed To Slap

If you were having second thoughts about arriving Thursday instead of Friday here is your affirmation that Thursday is indeed the day to arrive.  This is because if you are not at the Meadow Stage Thursday by 11:30pm to catch Ed Harris as his project Edamame, you will be severely missing out. Ed creates his music using field recordings that he takes throughout his daily life. Many of the sounds he uses are organic sounds of nature and instrumental music from cultures around the world. He combines this with down tempo and hip-hop beats to create a sound that is entirely his own. His music has been described as weed smoking beats that are designed to make you float. I think that this set will be the perfect kick off to the weekend, beautiful and unique sound that isn’t so hype you will use up all your dancing juice on the first day!

Although Gramatik is the big name everyone is excited for Friday, personally I will be torn between Gramatik and BogTroTTer on the Meadow Stage. The first time I ever saw Curtis Czock throw down a set was at a tiny music festival on the border of Wyoming and I have never gotten down so hard to psychedelic bass. Needless to say, I have made an effort to see him every time he has come through Denver since!  His style is marked by his heavy hitting and complex percussions with a swampy overtone. So you can find me running full speed back and forth between BogTroTTer and Gramatik.

The final set you absolutely cannot miss is Mitchell Avery’s project AVRY. Mitch is one of my favorite up and coming local artist here in Denver. Mitchell aims to tell a story through his music and mixes visuals with sound in a way that makes his sets a fully encompassing experience.  I have been to a TON of AVRY sets and he has never failed to make me dance until my knees hurt!

Workshops You Don’t Want To Miss

One of my favorite things about Bloom is the wide variety of workshops offered during the day. As the workshop photographer, I have attended more workshops at Sonic Bloom then I can even count. That being said I know a thing or two about workshops and there are a few I am especially excited for this year!

The first workshop you should keep an eye out for is Tao of Dance hosted by Brian Seraiah Wood.  For this workshop, Seraiah will teach us how to incorporate ancient movements from practices like Qigong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Thai-Lanna Fon Jeung with modern dance. Seraiah taught my favorite workshop of the year last year, Couples Qigong, and I have also attended a few of his private Qigong classes and one of his Tao of Dance classes and have been blown away every time. The power of Qigong is something you have to feel to believe and if you need a refresh mid-festival this is the workshop for you!

The other workshop you have to attend is the Holy Fire Healing Experience, hosted by Reiki Masters Nina Arithma and Nicole Fagan. Nina has run a Holy Fire Meditation at Bloom before that blew me away, so I can’t wait to see what this duo has in store for us. This workshop will be a multifaceted, meditative experience guided by the healing powers of the holy fire. This is a deeply meditative experience that will have you feeling refreshed and ready to dance the night away!



Things You Need To Know

  1. Since we did get snow this year, we should have the river back. This means pack a swim suit, and maybe a small float. Be aware though, water means snakes so be on the lookout.

  2. Even though we got snow, Bloom is always dusty. Bring a facemask or a bandana, trust me you will thank me later.

  3. The camping areas have cacti, like everywhere. Bring a heavy-duty tarp for under your tent so you don’t get spiked (unfortunately me and my air mattress learned this from experience.)

  4. Save room in your cooler by freezing your water bottles instead of using ice packs. This saves you so much room and you will be super thankful for the ice cold waters day two!

  5. Always bring extra tent stakes and rain protection. We have seen all kinds of weather at Bloom, including some extreme winds and rain. The heavy-duty tent stakes are worth it, buy them!

Have fun, drink water, be safe – I’ll see you at the festival!

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