Tribe: (n).  a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.

Mass Musings tribe members are kind, friendly, accepting, open-minded, obsessed with music, dance with no inhibitions, smile like there’s no tomorrow, and care deeply about personal style and self-expression. They believe that good energy and positive vibes are what powers a more loving world and that creating is the most important factor in their soul’s happiness. Therefore, Mass Musings only promotes brands that embody this message or add to it. 

We are a community of creative individuals who value a sense of genuine supportiveness. Want to become a member of the tribe? AMAZING! It’s easy to join –  all you need to do is follow on social media and subscribe to our mailing list. Once you’ve signed up, make sure you tag all of your social media posts with #massmusings so we can follow along with what you’re up to. We want to support you in your own creative endeavors, so don’t forget to request to join our Facebook Group! Keep your eye on your inbox, we always send inspiration to your inbox and occasionally host events where we can all come together and enjoy each other’s company. 


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